Boost metal margins
We provide the manufacturing supply chain with price benchmarks for recycled materials, base metals, steel, stainless steel and alloys along with market intelligence, news and analysis.
Industry benchmarks
Davis Index provides price benchmarks for base metals, recycled metal, steel and secondary alloys that are not listed on exchanges but drive global trade. We produce more than 1,400 proprietary price indexes and carry metals futures prices and other reference data.
Accuracy leaders
Every index is trade normalized and weighted. Only indexes. No assessments.
Domestic Lens
75 cities indexed in US, Canada, Mexico, India, UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Turkey.
Tech Driven
Get our data through our customizable web platform, mobile apps, and APIs that can feed your ERPs.
Industrial Services
Set up, execute and email vendor contracts from our platform. Data accuracy means better margins.

Exim Expert
Daily bulk and container indexes. Every major fas and cfr port indexed for ferrous and non-ferrous.
Resource Saver
Use tools inside Davis Index to calculate spreads, price material, trade materials, and visualize/analyze data.
The only service you will ever need
With comprehensive coverage of every major metal grade, in every major market, you won’t need another service. Ever.
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Data criteria
For information to be included in an index’s calculation, it must meet specific criteria detailed in our methodology. This includes an industry specification for each material, a minimum deal size, delivery period, payment period and other factors that establish a basis for each index.
Examples of data collected:
Data verification
Davis analysts are given rigorous training to analyze the data gathered and received. Analysts are taught to determine whether the data qualifies for use in an index or requires more inquiry. For qualified data, analysts then apply index methodology to determine whether each data point is relevant to the index and should be utilized in the final calculation of that index. Every index is reviewed and evaluated by a manager prior to its publication. Market commentaries that accompany industry benchmarks include rationales that explain the index’s movement.
Some of our customers
Hundreds of our customers have waited a very long time for accurate price benchmarks and accessible technology. And they love us! Davis Index is a tech-led proprietary market data and analysis provider for the metals manufacturing supply chain.

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