Prices of US secondary aluminum alloys inched down on Friday due to lower volumes of production and sales. 


The weekly Davis Index for A380.1 decreased to 67.6¢/lb delivered US consumer on Friday from 68¢/lb delivered on April 10 and fell for 319.1 from 74¢/lb delivered US to 73.8¢/lb delivered. 


The indexes for both A360.1 and A413.1 dropped to 82.1¢/lb, down just under a penny, delivered US, and 83.1¢/lb delivered US, down by 0.02¢/lb, respectively.


The three-month LME aluminum contract closed at $1,520/mt on Friday, up by $53/mt from $1,467/mt on April 9.


The market has been quiet on both the raw material and sales side as participants continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. The news of India restarting its construction industry brought worry to US producers of secondary alloys. Some of those concerns, however, were allayed after the US has announced its three-phase plan to get the economy back on track on Friday.

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