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The US Department of Commerce has revised countervailing duties (CVD) for carbon and alloy steel wire rod imported from Turkey after a ruling from the United States Court of International Trade (CIT).


In an unpublished order, slated to release on July 14, The agency notified the public that the decision of the CIT was not in harmony with the initial results of Commerce’s investigation on CVD for the material from Turkey for the period of January 1, 2016, through December 31, 2016. 


Commerce has now amended the final results for CVD in line with the CIT’s judgment. The US will now impose a 6.09pc CVD on steel wire rods exported by Habas Sinai ve Tibbi Gazlar Istihsal Endustrisi and a 3.81pc duty on Icdas. All other Turkish exporters of the material for the period under review will be charged a duty of 4.95pc. 


Under the revised order, Commerce will instruct US Customs and Border Protection to calculate CVD for exports of subject matters from the listed parties at ad-valorem rates equal to the weighted average subsidy rates. 



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