Prices of secondary aluminum smelter scrap delivered US were flat over the week on low volumes in quiet markets.


The weekly Davis Index for 2000/7000 solids increased slightly from 34.8¢/lb delivered, to 35¢/lb delivered US smelters on Wednesday. The index for old sheet remained unchanged at 32.8¢/lb delivered and was 0.1¢/lb higher at 32.9¢/lb delivered for old cast.


The Davis Index for secondary MLC was flat at 35¢/lb delivered and held at 33.9¢/lb for painted siding.


Shredder grades ticked up for two of the three grades from the past week with tweak remaining unchanged at 30.3¢/lb delivered. The index for twitch increased by 0.04¢/lb to 34.3¢/lb delivered and was up for zorba by 0.04¢/lb to 29.9¢/lb delivered.


Export pricing, particularly for shredder grades, has outpaced domestic prices signaling domestic suppliers to hold off on sales in hopes of better prices in the short- to medium-term.


The official three-month LME aluminum contract closed at $1,504/mt on Wednesday, up by $2/mt from $1,502/mt on April 22.

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