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Vehicle sales in the US fell by 2.8pc to 4.3 million units in Q4 2020 on an annual basis, according to the Ford Motor Company. However, retail sales in the country grew by 2.7pc while fleet sales declined by 26.3pc during the period under comparison.


The carmaker estimated that December vehicle sales in the US were stronger compared with the same month last year, rising by 5.2pc from December 2019.


Ford’s total production in 2020 in the US tallied at 2.03 million units, whereas its fourth-quarter output across all its US plants totaled 517,675 units. 


The American automobile manufacturer’s total sales in 2020 fell by 15.6pc to 2.04 million vehicles compared with 2.42 million units in the prior-year. Of this total, sales related to the Ford brand declined by 16.1pc to 1.9 million units from 2.3 million units, while those related to the Lincoln brand fell by 6.1pc to 105,410 vehicles from 112, 204 during the same period under comparison. 


In Q4 2020, the company’s sales dropped by 9.8pc to 542,749 units from 601,862 units in Q4 2019. Of this total, its truck sales declined by 12.5pc to 288,698 units, car sales fell by 41.1pc to 37,319 units and SUV sales grew by 4pc to 216,732 units in Q4 2020 on an annual basis.


Sales related to the Ford brand in Q4 2020 dropped by 10pc to 511,735 units from 568,507 units in Q4 2019, while the Lincoln brand’s sales declined by 7pc to 31,014 units from 33,355 vehicles during the same period. 


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