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UK’s Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate (TRID) recommends former EU safeguards on 10 categories of steel imports be extended for three years while revoking import limits on nine categories. The nine categories of steel imports are recommended for annulment of safeguards given no serious injury noted while the categories for safeguard extensions will continue facing a 25pc tariff beyond quotas. 


The 19 categories reviewed cover 253 different products in total. The 10 categories recommended for protection have faced an import surge that could cause UK producers potential injury. Their extension meets the Economic Interest Test. The list primarily covers hot rolled coils (HRC), cold rolled coil (CRC), and rebar.


Of the nine categories for tariff removal, six had no increase in imports in the period 2013-2017 while the other three are not produced in the UK. 


Interested parties have seven days to respond with support or objections to the TRID. The TRID will review and draft a final determination 

to be sent to the Secretary of State for International Trade (SSIT) to make a final decision and customs application.


TRID drafted its recommendation after processing surveys and receiving submissions from interested parties including trade bodies, foreign governments, importers, foreign producers, local mills, and distributors. 

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