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Turkey’s industrial production index rose by 23.9pc in June 2021 year-on-year while growing by 2.3pc against the preceding month, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).




The manufacturing index increased by 24.8pc as the mining and quarrying index rose by 24.3pc in June 2021 against the same year-ago month. 


In monthly terms, the manufacturing index rose by 2.6pc but the mining and quarrying index fell by 0.1pc in June 2021.


Export and Import


The export volume index climbed by 32.2pc in June as the manufactured goods index rose by 39.9pc in June against the preceding year’s month. The export volume index rose by 11.2pc in June 2021 against May.


The import volume index increased by 11.7pc in June 2021 against the same year-ago month as the index for manufactured goods rose by 22.9pc in the same time comparison. 


The export unit value index expanded by 10.6pc in Q2 2021 against the same year-ago quarter while the overall import unit value index climbed by 25.6pc in the same time frame assessment.




Turkey’s construction cost index grew by 42.5pc in June 2021 compared to the same month last year but rose by 2.9pc compared to the preceding month. The material index rose by 53.7pc in June 2021 compared to the same year-ago month while growing by 4.2pc in relation to May 2021.


The turnover index rose by 63.1pc in June 2021 on an annual comparison and by 9.5pc compared to the previous month. 


The industry rose by 78.2pc in June 2021 against the same year-ago month, as construction rose by 29.7pc, trade by 55.5pc, and services by 74.8pc in the same period comparison. Month-on-month the total turnover index grew by 6.2pc in June 2021 as construction also grew by 1.9pc, trade by 12.2pc, and services by 11.9pc. 




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