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In February, Japanese carmaker Toyota’s global production and sales rose by 6.8pc and 9pc, respectively, compared to the prior year. 



In February, global Toyota production rose 6.8pc to 668,001 units compared to 2020. Production in Japan stood at 244,048 units in February, down 7.5pc from the prior year month. Production outside Japan was reported at 423,953 units, up by 17pc from the prior year. 

Global production rose significantly primarily driven by strong production growth in China, the company said. Global production was up for the sixth consecutive month. 

In January and February, Toyota produced 1.40mn units globally, up 5.3pc from the year prior period. Production in Japan slipped 6.8pc to 483,842 units, down 6.8pc in the two-month period from the prior year period. Production outside Japan increased 13pc in Jan-Feb to 925,863 units from the preceding year. 



Toyota’s global sales in February jumped up by 9.2pc to 711,698 units. Sales outside Japan rose 10pc to 574,291 units in February from February 2020. Sales in Japan reached 137,407 units, up 5.4pc in February from the prior year month. Sales worldwide is up for the sixth consecutive month. 

Sales rose on the back of strong demand from China and Japan. Japan sales rose despite minimal effects from the prolonged declaration of the state of emergency. 

Sales combined for Jan-Feb reached 1.44mn units, up 6.8pc from the prior year for Toyota globally. Sales in Japan rose 9.3pc to 264,743 units and sales outside Japan rose 6.2pc to 1.21mn units in February from the prior-year month. 


Supply hindrances

Toyota is among the many companies that were forced to halt production amid the shortage of semiconductors. The company’s plant in São Bernardo do Campo, Sorocabo, Porto Feliz plants in Brazil were suspended from March 29 to April 6. Four of its North American plants were also partially shuttered due to shortage of semiconductors. This is likely to affect production in the coming months. 

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