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Tesla’s electric vehicle production and sales respectively grew to 145,036 cars and 139,300 units last quarter.


The American company announced on Oct 2 that it’s delivery efficiencies have kept improving, with inventory further declining in the third quarter. Tesla’s car production increased across all models last quarter, with 16,992 units of its Model S/X, increasing from 16,318 units produced in Q3 2019 and 6,326 in Q2 2020.


The company produced 128,044 units of the Model 3/Y in Q3 2020, up from 79,837 vehicles produced in the same quarter last year and from 75,946 units produced in the prior quarter.


The carmaker has also embarked on a project to increase the nickel content in its EV batteries, and on Oct 5 announced that it’s negotiating with producers in Brazil and Indonesia to secure the nickel volumes it needs for these batteries. Reports have predicted that nickel demand could rise by 1.4-18mn mt over the next decade because of EV batteries’ rising content.


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