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Taiwan’s ferrous scrap imports dipped by 2pc in March 2021 from a year ago to 319,658mt while it grew by 50pc from February amid improving steel demand. Mills imported higher volumes from the US-based suppliers, while shipments from Japan fell in March. 


Scrap imports from top supplier US rose by 5pc in March to 134,976mt from a year ago, while it improved by 5pc from February. Imports from Japan fell substantially to 59,639mt, down by 51pc from a year ago and down by 17pc from the prior month.


The disruptions in global trade patterns have led to a shortage of empty containers in scrap export destinations like the US and Europe and vessel space crunch in sea routes to Asia, which delayed shipments by many days. 


To address these issues, Taiwanese mills lapped up higher tonnages from the Dominican Republic, Australia, Canada and CIS with imports rising significantly both from the prior year and February levels. Overall, the breakup shows mills sought scrap from varied destinations to keep their raw material prices in check. Most mills relied on domestic scrap to avoid delays in seaborne shipment.


Taiwan’s ferrous scrap imports in March
CountryMar 2021Feb 21Change MoMMar 2020Change YoY
United States                       1,34,976          76,434 77%        1,28,306 5%
Japan                           59,639          72,106 -17%       1,22,796  -51%
Dominican Republic                           15,264            9,485 61%              9,633 58%
Australia                           14,371            8,913 61%            10,969 31%
Canada                           13,593        10,735 27%              8,917 52%
Hong Kong                           11,620            6,711 73%              6,924 68%
Russian Federation                           11,126                  44 25186%                    –   100%
Venezuela                           10,430            4,681 123%              3,008 247%
Chile                             5,493            2,654 107%              1,456 277%
Others                           43,146          20,956 106%           35,079 23%
Total                       3,19,658      2,12,719 50%        3,27,088 -2%

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