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Taiwan’s ferrous and copper scrap imports in May climbed up by 6pc and 2pc to 309,990mt and 10,647mt, respectively, compared to the previous month. 



The US was the top exporter of ferrous with 126,355mt, up by 5pc compared to the previous month. 


Compared to May 2020, the US’s ferrous scrap exports to Taiwan went up by 5pc to 120,163mt. The country’s aluminum exports went down by 29pc to 3,096mt in the same period. Japan’s ferrous exports  to Taiwan in May were down 8pc to 66,983mt compared to the previous month while it was down 51pc compared to the prior-year month. Australia, Canada, and the Dominican Republic were some of the other key ferrous scrap exporters. 



On a YoY basis, the rise is 29pc for copper from 8,252mt in May 2020 while ferrous exports dipped 10pc dip from 345,465mt.

China replaced the US as the top exporter of copper in April and May — with a 10pc jump at 1,461mt in May versus 1,322mt in April. However, there is a 42pc rise in exports compared to prior-year month.  US’s export volume fell by 4pc to 1,264mt in May compared to the previous month when it was 1,318mt. It’s down by 49pc compared to May 2020. Saudi Arabia was the second-largest exporter of Cu with a 16pc jump in exports to 1,316mt in May over the previous month, and a whopping 168pc jump on a YoY basis. 



Taiwan’s aluminum scrap imports were flat in April and May at around 9,179mt whereas, on a YoY basis, there was a 7pc rise from 8,570mt. respectively. The US was the main exporter to Taiwan, with 2,200mt in May, though it was down by 2pc from last month. 

On an annual basis, the US’s aluminum scrap exports went down by 29pc to 3,096mt in May. Sweden, Dominican Republic, Italy and, Spain are other key aluminum scrap suppliers to Taiwan. 

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