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South Korea’s copper scrap imports dipped by 31pc to 22,706mt in January compared to same period last year when 33,087mt scrap was imported, while it dropped by 7pc compared to previous month, i.e. December 2020 when 24,429mt was imported.


South Korea’s total copper scrap imports in 2020 stood at 334,208, marginally lower from 2019 when the country brought in 355,382mt scrap.


South Korea Copper Scrap Import in Jan’21 (in mt)
Exporting CountryJan’21Dec’20Change M-o-MJan’20Change Y-o-Y
United States4,208 6,624 -36pc9,116 -54pc
Saudi Arabia1,986 890 123pc2,175 -9pc
Taiwan1,447 1,395 4pc1,085 33pc
Philippines1,437 1,177 22pc1,483 -3pc
Malaysia1,280 695 84pc1,564 -18pc
Thailand1,075 826 30pc563 91pc
Japan1,049 1,440 -27pc1,166 -10pc
United Arab Emirates1,045 466 125pc761 37pc
Indonesia815 1,114 -27pc1,085 -25pc
Others8,364 9,804 -15pc14,090 -41pc
Total22,706 24,429 -7pc33,087 -31pc


In January 2021, Imports from Saudi Arabia and the UAE saw a surge of 123pc and 125pc, respectively, from December 2020. Scrap imports from Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysa and Thailand also increased in January compared to December, while imports from the US, Japan, Indonesia and other countries saw negative growth. 

Imports from the US dropped by 54pc to 4,208mt from prior-year period while it decreased by 36pc from the prior month. In spite of this, the US remains the largest contributor to South Korea’s copper scrap imports, followed by Saudi Arabia (1,986mt).


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