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Schrott24 intends to remove and recycle around 1,500mt of scrap metal from Germany’s Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant, which went out of commission in 1988.


In an Oct 5 media statement, the company said the parts were dismantled and stored by the plant’s erstwhile operators for over 10 years. The storage of these parts cost around €750mn ($880.02mn), as the facility was unable to find a suitable solution to dispose of them.


However, Schrott bought the parts as scrap and plans to recycle them. The company said the scrap, as well as recycling of the steel and copper components, would cost it a fraction of the storing costs, but it didn’t disclose the figures.


The German metal trader noted that these metal components, which include two rotors and turbines, stators, and a tank, haven’t been touched by radioactive material. 

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