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Metal processor and distributor Ryerson expects its shipments to be flat to down by 3pc in Q3 2021 compared to the previous quarter due to seasonal patterns. 


The revenue is anticipated to be in the $1.5-1.6bn range and adjusted EBITDA is projected to be between $208-212mn. 


The company’s total shipments including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum grew by 7.2pc in the first half of the year to 1.1mn t (997,903mt) compared to 1mn t in the same half in 2020. In Q2 2021 Ryerson’s total shipment grew to 559,000t from 462,000t in Q2 2020 and from 543,000t in Q1 2021. 


Carbon steel shipment in H1 2021 increased by 5.9pc to 842,000t from 795,000t in H1 2020. In the second quarter, carbon steel shipments rose by 18.6pc to 428,000t compared to 361,000t in Q2 2020 and by 3.4pc from 414,000t in Q1 2021. 


Stainless steel shipment in H1 2021 increased by 8.1pc to 147,000t compared to 136,000t in the same half last year. In Q2 2021, stainless steel shipments grew by 23.7pc to 73,000t against 59,000t in Q2 2020 but fell by 1.4pc from 74,000t in Q1 2021. 


Ryerson’s aluminum shipments in H1 2021 grew by 17.4pc to 108,000t from 92,000t in H1 2020 and were up in Q2 2021 by 37.5pc to 55,000t from 40,000t in Q2 2020 and by 3.8pc from 53,000t in Q1 2021. 


The Chicago headquartered company’s net revenue in H1 2021 grew to $2.5bn from $1.7bn in H1 2020 and rose in Q2 2021 to $1.4bn from $771.8mn in Q2 2020 and from $1.1bn in Q1 2021. 


Its adjusted EBITDA in H1 2021 rose to $320.9mn compared to $55mn in the same period last year and grew in the second quarter to $197.4mn from $20.6mn in Q2 2020 and $123.5mn in Q1 2021. 


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