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Canadian miner Rambler Metals and Mining plans to produce 6,600-7,400mt of copper in 2021, compared with a full-year output of 3,769mt in 2020. 


The miner cut production by 50pc in March 2020 and has now begun scaling up its milling operations. It has also purchased a new concentrator and plans that is expected to become operational at the Ming mine by Q3 2021. The new plant can process around 2,200mt of ore per day. Rambler is currently aiming to process 1,500mt of ore per day from its existing plant. 


The miner produced 14,550mt of copper concentrate in 2020, down by 37pc from 19,924mt in the prior year. Rambler stated that 3,600mt of its copper metal production in 2021 has been sold forward at the rate of $3.494/lb to mitigate the risk of price fluctuations. 

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