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Pakistan’s large-scale manufacturing (LSM) sector’s output increased by 14.85pc in FY2021 compared to the prior year, according to data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). In June, the output rose by 18.42pc compared to June 2020, while up by 4.36pc from May.


LSM in FY2021 recorded its highest growth since FY2005. Last year saw a negative growth of 9.8pc due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Higher output in all sectors led to an overall increase in the LSM index. Pakistan’s economy witnessed a turnaround with significant support from the revival of industrial activities in FY2021. Ten of the fifteen manufacturing sub-sectors rose during the year.


LSMI contributes 80pc of Pakistan’s total manufacturing capacity and accounts for more than 10pc of the country’s overall output. On the other hand, the small-scale industry’s GDP rose 4pc in FY21 compared to a negative growth of 0.5pc in the prior year, due to a temporary pause of industrial output under the lockdown.


The automobile sector reported the highest growth In FY2021, up by 51.06pc from the last year, while the textile sector posted growth of 15.31pc, coke & petroleum products up by 18.05pc, iron & steel products up by15.58pc, non-metallic mineral products up by 26.66pc, pharmaceuticals up by12.03pc and fertilizers sector posted a growth of 7.23pc. While sectors such as electronics, leather products and rubber products showed a decline in production.

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