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Japanese automakers’ production in June jumped for Nissan and Toyota but fell for Honda compared to last year, according to their monthly production update. 



Global production in June was reported at 831,533 units, up by 41pc from a year ago, marking the tenth consecutive month of increase. Production in Japan was reported at 294,387 vehicles, 84pc higher than the last year. Production outside Japan rose by 25pc to 537,146 units. 


In H1 (January-June), Toyota globally produced 4.5mn units, 36pc above H1 last year. H1 production was robust, driven by high production growth in China amid strong sales. 


Sales reported by Toyota rose by 19pc, globally, marking the tenth consecutive month of increase. Sales outside Japan rose 19pc to 718,463 units in June. Global sales in H1 rose 31pc to 5mn units driven by a strong performance in North America and China. 



Global production reported by Nissan stood at 296,415 units, up by 15pc from a year ago. The company reported Japan’s passenger vehicles production at 39,411 units, up 49pc from the preceding year. Commercial vehicle production in Japan in June rose by 17pc to 6,175 units. Total auto production in Japan grew by 42pc to 35,586 units in June from 2020. Global production in H1 increased by 28pc to 1.46mn units. 


Nissan’s global sales remained flat in June, slightly up by 0.8pc at 339,445 units from 2020 levels. Sales outside Japan rose by 4pc to 308,048 units. Nissan sales report suggests strong growth in North America, up by 35pc and an 8pc dip in Europe. Mini vehicle sales in Japan slipped by 43.2pc in June. 



Honda’s global production in June was recorded at 348,991 unitsdown 10pc from the prior year. From January-June, production increased by 20pc to 2.13mn units compared to 2020. H1 production was a record high for the first half-year periods. 


Production in Japan was almost flat at 64,778 units. June production in Japan marked the first year-over-year increase in the last two months. Production outside Japan fell by 17pc to 284,213 units in June. 


Honda’s Japan sales fell by 1pc to 47,653 units in June from 2020. 

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