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Mobarakeh Steel Company produced 17.22mn mt of crude steel during the Iranian financial year ended March 19, 2020, according to Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMMIDRO). 


The company also tops the list of producers with the largest share in total steel production. The organization noted that Iran’s leading steelmakers produced a total of 33.6mn mt of steel during the fiscal, of which 13.37mn mt were finished steel products, which registered a 6pc growth compared to the prior year.  


MSC’s finished steel production rose by 2pc to 8.09mn mt in FY2019 compared to the previous year, while its semi-finished steel output rose by 1pc from the prior year to 9.12mn mt. The company’s semi-finished steel production increased by 5pc to 20.22mn mt and included ingot, bloom and billet (semi-finished products).


Other leading finished steel producers listed by IMMIDRO include Esfahan Steel (ESCO) with 2.3mn mt, up 6pc on year, Oxin Steel with 776,002mt, up 28pc, Khorasan Steel (KSC) with 612,522mt, up 8pc, Azerbaijan Steel with 367,163mt, up 2pc and IASCO with 311,036mt.


Apart from MSC, KSC produced 3.68mn mt of semi-finished steel during the year, down by 3pc from the prior year, while ESCO’s production rose by 7pc to 2.41mn mt. South Kaveh Steel’s production rose 14pc to 1.15mn mt, Khorasan Steel’s increased by 12pc to 1.16mn mt, and Chadormalu Steel’s semi-finished steel production rose 16pc to 1.02mn mt.  


During the last month of the Iranian fiscal, total finished steel production rose 2pc to 1.07mn mt, from the prior year.  Semi finish steel production rose 11pc at 1.65mn mt including slab, bloom and ingot.


Iran’s Aluminium output drops 8pc

Aluminum ingots produced by Iranian aluminum manufacturers dipped 8pc to 275,716mt during the Iranian financial year ended March 19, 2020, according to IMMIDRO.


Of the total output, Iran Aluminum (IRALCO) accounted for 177,348mt, a 4pc increase from the prior year. Hormozal Aluminum’s output decreased by 40pc to 46,694mt; Almahdi Aluminum’s production fell by 20pc to 42,059mt; and Iran Alumina produced 9,615mt.


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