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Morocco imposed 25pc additional safeguard tax on imported welded steel pipes. The final decision follows a probe initiated in October 2019 and a safeguard of 25pc levied in December 2019. Imports from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau are exempted from the scope of taxation. 


The HS code involved in the case are 7306191090; 7306199900; 7306301099; 7306309900; 7306501090; 7306509900; 7306611000; 7306619000; 7306691000; 7306699900; 73069090 and 7306909900, etc. The safeguard tax is 25pc ad valorem tax, and will be reduced by 1pc every year through the applicable period of three years, according to a WTO report cited by Chinese local media.


The Moroccan trade authorities initiated the investigation on imported welded steel pipes in October 2019 and submitted a notification to WTO Safeguards Committee. The investigation was started as per a plea filed by domestic companies Batifer, Indutube and Longofer. The Moroccan authorities impose a 25pc additional tariff on the products involved as a temporary safeguards measure valid for 200 days. 

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