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Ferrous scrap prices in Mexico spiked this week, with an average increase of MXN809/mt ($40.7/mt) in the three zones, as a result of increased activity in the construction sector.


Demand for shredded in the Bajío region remained robust with the grade rising by MXN1,055/mt while P&S 5ft was the most sought-after grade in Central Mexico, rising by MXN550/mt in that region.


The weekly Davis Index in North Mexico for #1HMS went up by MXN372/mt to MXN10,110/mt delivered Mexico consumer on Friday, P&S 5ft rose by MXN395/mt to MXN11,678/mt delivered, and shredded climbed by MXN350/mt to MXN11,575/mt. Machine shop turnings increased by MXN155/mt to MXN9,347/mt delivered and the index for #1 busheling moved up by MXN133/mt to MXN12,250/mt delivered.


In Central Mexico, the weekly Davis Index for #1HMS climbed by MXN500/mt to MXN11,750/mt delivered Mexico consumer on Friday, while P&S 5ft jumped by MXN550/mt to MXN12,500/mt delivered. Shredded increased by MXN530/mt to MXN12,130/mt delivered, machine shop turnings rose by MXN550/mt to MXN10,450/mt delivered, and #1 busheling went up MXN490/mt to MXN12,740/mt delivered on Friday.


Bajio Mexico’s weekly index for #1HMS climbed by MXN536/mt to MXN10,203/mt delivered Mexico consumer on Friday, while P&S 5ft rose by MXN450/mt to MXN11,083/mt delivered. Shredded increased by MXN1,055/mt to MXN11,872/mt delivered, while machine shop turnings increased by MXN138/mt to MXN9,088/mt delivered and #1 busheling rose MXN75/mt to MXN11,808/mt delivered.



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