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Mexico has published its preliminary national standards process for iron and steel products used in the construction industry as PROY-NOM-251-SE-2020 in its federal registry Diario Oficial de la Federación. The consultation for public comment is accessible for 60 business days. The initial draft was approved as part of a process that began on October 23, 2020.


The draft establishes the specifications, test methods, and conformity assessments, for all iron and steel products used in the construction segment whether domestically manufactured, imported, or commercialized through the country. Some are in reference to previous legislation and other specifications have been updated. 


The standards include the following structural steel products:


ProductApplicable Standard
Carbon steel sheet galvanized by hot dip process , corrugated.NMX-B-060-1990
Carbon steel sheet, hot dip galvanized for structural use.NMX-B-066-1988
Steel rebar, grade 60, cold rolled for concrete reinforcement .NMX-B-072-CANACERO-
Gabions and siding mattresses made with triple torsion hexagonal mesh .NMX-B-085-CANACERO-
Structural steel with a minimum yield point of 290 MPa (29 kgf / mm2) and a maximum thickness of 127 mm.NMX-B-099-1966
Steel pipes with or without seam for piles.NMX-B-198-1991
Cold formed carbon steel seamless or welded tubes for structural use .NMX-B-199-1986
Carbon steel tubes, seamless or welded, hot formed for structural uses.NMX-B-200-1990
Carbon steel, high strength low alloy and high strength low alloy with improved formability hot rolled, in commercial grade, stamped and structural, in roll.NMX-B-248-CANACERO-
Smooth or corrugated steel wire for concrete reinforcement.NMX-B-253-CANACERO-
Structural steel.NMX-B-254-CANACERO-
Structural steel of high resistance low alloy to Manganese-Niobium- Vanadium.NMX-B-284-CANACERO-
Profiles I and H of three welded steel plates.NMX-B-286-1991
Electro-welded smooth or corrugated steel mesh for concrete reinforcement.NMX-B-290-CANACERO-
Uncoated seven-wire strand with stress relief for prestressed concrete.NMX-B-292-CANACERO-
Stress-relieved, uncoated steel wire for use in prestressed concrete.NMX-B-293-CANACERO-
Cold rolled carbon steel sheet for structural use.NMX-B-348-1989
Electrowelded triangular section, corrugated or smooth steel wire reinforcement for flexural reinforcement of concrete structural elements.NMX-B-455-CANACERO-
Profiles and plates of low alloy steel and high resistance to manganese- niobium-vanadium for structural use.NMX-B-480-CANACERO-
Electrowelded steel wire armor for castles and Dalas.NMX-B-456-CANACERO-
Low alloy steel rebar for concrete reinforcement.NMX-B-457-CANACERO-
Low carbon steel tubes, frustoconical, for structural use.NMX-B-461-1996
Aluminum -zinc alloy coated carbon steel corrugated sheet for walls and ceilings.NMX-B-471-1990
Steel ladder for horizontal reinforcement of masonry walls.NMX-B-500-CANACERO-
Steel rebar for concrete reinforcement.NMX-B-506-CANACERO-
Steel strands and cables.NMX-H-084-1983

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