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In India, various parts of the country are under strict lockdown or curfews which is bound to affect vehicular demand, however, temporarily, says Tata Motors in a press statement.


The company has come up with a plan to safeguard dealers and suppliers considering this temporary drop in demand. Tata Motors remains vigilant about the COVID-19 situation. They are also reviewing their plans to meet critical raw material demand., said the company. Production will be impacted as lockdowns will affect parts supplies. 

Tata is yet to halt operations, but the carmaker’s major plants are in the worst affected states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. 


Inventory levels with dealerships are being maintained as per the consumer demand. 


Maruti according to media reports is planning to expand production starting May. The country’s largest automaker will add 200 cars per day which will take daily total to more than 7,000 units. If history is to repeat itself, pent up demand post lockdown could push demand for auto units significantly. 

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