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The European Steel Association (Eurofer) has urged the European Commission to further hike the current antidumping duties (AD) that were recently set on hot-rolled stainless steel (HRSS) products from Indonesia, China, and Taiwan. 


The European Commission had launched an investigation on HRSS imports after Eurofer lodged a complaint in August 2019, resulting in the recent AD margins on HRSS imports from China at 19pc, Indonesia at 17.3pc, and Taiwan at 7.5pc. 


However, Axel Eggert, Eurofer’s director-general said in a press release on Oct 8 that these producers have a “structural overcapacity problem” where actual dumping margins range from 17.7pc to 106.5pc. 


He observed in a whitepaper released by Eurofer on Oct 8, that the Commission did not fully apply the Trade Defence Instruments rules to give domestic producers in the European Union a fair chance and avoid the large market injury caused by these dumping activities. 

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