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Japan’s copper scrap exports increased by 62pc in May 2021 to 36,950mt from 22,775mt in the same month last year, according to the country’s customs data. Imports increased by 10pc to 14,448mt from 13,159mt within the same timeframe. 


China remained the biggest importer of copper scrap from Japan with a 123pc increase in volume to 19,775mt in May from 8,874mt last year. However, volumes were 16pc lower from 23,481mt in April this year. 


Malaysia followed the same trend as China this May at second place with a 25pc increase to 9,955mt compared to 7,995mt last year but imported 23pc less cargo into the country from 12,913mt in April 2021. 


In terms of growth, Phillipines’ copper scrap imports from Japan jumped 1296pc to 796mt in May from 57mt in the same month last year. 


Exports to Pakistan declined by 80pc to 105mt in May from 530mt in May 2020 while Vietnam’s imports from Japan fell by 69pc to 73mt from 236mt in the same month under review. 


Thailand remained the biggest copper scrap exporter to Japan at 2,546mt in May despite flat volumes from 2,536mt in the same month last year. Saudi Arabia was the second-largest exporter of copper scrap to the country with a 36pc increase to 1,369mt in May from 1,007mt in the same month of the year prior. Trinidad and Tobago recorded the highest surge in copper scrap exports to Japan, moving 2320pc to 945mt from 39mt within the same period.  


Japan’s copper scrap exports rose by 65pc to 203,153mt from January-May 2021 compared to 123,070mt in the same period of last year. Copper scrap imports also increased by 14.2pc to 79,982mt from 70,009mt during the same timeframe.  

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