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Hyundai has stopped all shifts at its Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil, plant until Sunday, July 11, due to the lack of electronic components.


The shortage of semiconductor chips had forced the Korean manufacturer to suspend production in its second and third shifts in Piracicaba last week. The suspension affects the production of its HB20 and Crete models.


The first shift, which was the only one active so far, discontinued production today and Hyundai announced that it would restart operations on Jul 15. The other two shifts will be reactivated on Monday, the company detailed.


Hyundai joins General Motors Brasil, in suspending production. In March, GM had halted operations at its  Gravataí plant where it manufactures the Chevi Onyx. The factory resumed operations in April, but last week, GM announced another stoppage that is likely to last until mid-August.


The shortage of electronic parts also forced Volkswagen to suspend operations at its factories in São Bernardo do Campo and São Carlos in São Paulo, and at São José dos Pinhais, in Paraná, for 10 days as of Jun 21.

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