Commodity: Metals

Region: USA

Subscriber notice type: Holiday notice


The following daily indexes will not be published on Friday, July 3 because of the Fourth of July holiday being observed in the US on Friday:


DPC00000497 – 304 (18-8) solids del US processor

DPC00000498 – 304 (18-8) turnings del US processor

DPC00000499 – 316 solids del US processor

DPC00000500 – 316 turnings del US processor


The following weekly indexes that are published on Friday, will be published on Thursday, July 2:


DPC00000288 – 319.1 del US consumer

DPC00000289 – A356.1 del US consumer

DPC00000290 –  A360.1 del US consumer

DPC00000291 – A380.1 del US consumer

DPC00000292 – A413.1 del US consumer

DPC00000293 – B390 del US consumer


DPC00000313 – Low-lead bronze del US consumer

DPC00000306 – 360 rod borings del US consumer

DPC00000309 – Gears high grade del US consumer

DPC00000310 – Radiators del US consumer

DPC00000311 – Red brass 85:15 del US consumer

DPC00000312 – Red brass solids  del US consumer

DPC00001018 – C-200 series alloy zinc cash spread

DPC00001019 – C-200 series alloy copper cash spread

DPC00000308 – C260 (70:30) alloy scrap spread del US consumer


Normal publishing schedule resumes on Monday, July 6, the first working day after the holiday.


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