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Global merchandise trade and service trade improved in September, but it was still not at pre-pandemic levels, according to Organization of Economic, Co-operation and Development (OECD). 


In Asia Pacific, China’s total exports in September fell by 3.2pc while it rose by 5.4pc in October this year. Its Imports on the other hand was up by 6.6pc in September and dropped 1pc in October. The country’s service export and import rose by 12pc and 14.2pc, respectively. 


Japan’s merchandise export and import grew by 4.9pc and 2.9pc, respectively, in September, while its service trade export and import increased by 16.6pc and 11.1pc, respectively. Australia on the other hand saw merchandise exports rising by 5.3pc and imports declining by 8.2pc. The country’s service export also rose by 2.8pc while imports fell by 1.1pc, OECD reported. 


In the America, US’ merchandise exports saw a 3.2pc growth while its imports remained flat in September. The country’s service import increased by 1.8pc and export gradually grew from 0.4pc to 1.3pc in September. 


Canada’s merchandise export and import grew by 1.9pc and 1.6pc, respectively. However, its service exports reduced by 2.5pc while its import increased by 1.3pc in September. Brazil’s merchandise export in October was up by 2.3pc while its import was up by 1.1pc in September and 3.9pc in October, OECD recorded. The country’s service exports and imports rose by 0.6pc and 1.7pc, respectively, in September. 


In Europe, France’s merchandise exports grew by 3.7pc while its imports were flat in September. Its service exports rose by slightly by 0.3pc and its imports rose by 3.1pc. Germany’s merchandise exports rose by 2.6pc while imports were almost flat at a 0.1pc drop. Its service exports and imports fell by 0.7pc and 3pc, respectively, OECD reported. 



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