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China’s manufactured goods exports fell by 20.6pc and 15pc in the ferrous and non-ferrous segments, respectively, during January-September 2020, data from the country’s customs statistics indicated. 


Machinery and manufactured goods exported in the first nine months of 2020 were valued at $33bn in iron and steel while non-ferrous metal goods accounted for $16.7bn. A decline of 20pc and 17.8pc was noticed in these categories, though actual volumes were not disclosed. 


In September, China exported ferrous equipment worth $3.6bn while non-ferrous machinery exports tallied at $2bn. Iron and steel machinery imports into China stood at $4.6bn last month, while the non-ferrous segment for the same products was worth $7.3bn. The value of exports rose in September compared with August. 


From January to September, the value of imported ferrous goods increased by 55.8pc to $28bn from the prior year. Non-ferrous machinery imports were valued at $46.8bn, climbing 33pc on an annual basis. 


Unspecified metal machinery, exports tallied at $73.8bn in January-September, growing 0.3pc from last year while imports accounted for $10.5bn, down by 10.6pc in the same period under comparison. In September, these segments were valued at $9.6bn and $1.3bn, respectively.

      (in $bn)
CategoryExportImportVariation in YTD (in percent) 
Manufacturing goodsSept-20YTD 2020  Sept-20YTD 2020  ExportsImports
Iron and steel(ferrous)3.533.94.6 28-20.655.8
Metals, unspecified9.673.81.310.50.3-10.6

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