Import of ferrous metals into China surged 42.6pc in the first six months while exports fell 20.4pc according to data from Chinese customs statistics. 

China imported $17.5bn worth of Iron and steel in the first seven months and received $5.2bn worth of iron and steel goods during the same period. In July, iron and steel and articles made of this material were valued at $3.75bn and $830mn, respectively.


The Chinese customs did not disclose the actual volumes but indicated that ferrous imports grew by 42.6pc from January-July 2019 and imported ferrous articles dipped by 7.1pc over the same period. 


In the first seven months of 2020, ferrous exports were valued at $19.4bn and ferrous articles exported were at $37.4bn. A negative trend of 20.4pc and 4.6pc, respectively, was observed over the same period last year. Exports of ferrous metals in July were estimated to be worth $2.6bn while ferrous article exports tallied at $6.6bn. 


(in $bn)      
CategoryExportImportVariation in YTD (in pc) 
 Jul-20YTD 2020 Jul-20YTD 2020 ExportsImports
Iron and steel2.619.43.817.9-20.442.6
Articles thereof6.637.40.835.2-4.6-7.1

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