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China reviewed new national standards for the ‘recycled steel raw materials’ on Nov 29. Details on the standardisation are expected to be issued by the end of 2020 for both domestic and imports material and implemented effective Jan 1, 2021.

A group of industry experts assembled to review the scope of the standard, terminology, definitions, classification and technical requirements. Also, upgradation of sampling and inspection methods, acceptance rules, transport and quality certificates were the focus areas of the standardisation. The Ministry of Ecological Environment, China Iron and Steel Industry Association and other steel enterprises put forward their suggestions and recommendations.

Newly announced standards for ‘Recycled steel raw materials’ aims to classify domestic scrap steel and related requirements, however, the same is not applicable to the import of high-quality recycled steel raw materials. The adoption of new standards will enable the country with better to utilize domestic and international renewable steel raw materials resources.

The new standards divide domestic ferrous scrap into five grades, namely heavy recycled steel materials, medium-heavy recycled steel materials, small recycled steel materials, shredded recycled steel materials and bundled recycled steel materials. In late October, China’s State Administration for market regulation enlisted new standards for stainless recycled steel materials as one grade domestically.

A notice by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs on Nov 24 banned any dumping, stacking or disposal of imported solid waste into Chinese territory. The country has banned imports of all kinds imports falling under the ‘solid waste’ category, Davis Index reported earlier.

Though new standards for ferrous scrap imports are not announced yet. If allowed, imports of ferrous scrap in China is expected to restart significantly because the new classifications are designed to be close to international standards. Despite lack of clarity, there were increasing inquiries from Chinese traders for the US and Japanese scrap post the announcement, said traders.

Quotas for non-ferrous abolished
The earlier system of quotas for imports of non-ferrous scrap has been abolished and import of non-ferrous scrap materials including stainless steel and other recyclable scrap is set to be allowed freely, as per the new standards.



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