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China’s total trade in the first 11 months of the year rose by 0.6pc to $4.17tn from the same period in 2019, according to China Custom Statistics (CCS). Of this, exports accounted for $2.3tn a 2.5pc increase from the previous year, while imports dropped by 1.6pc to $1.85tn. 


In November alone, the country’s trade increased by 13.6pc to $460.7bn on an annual basis. Its exports were up by 21.1pc to $268bn in November and imports rose by 4.5pc to $192.6bn on an annual basis. 


A break up of ferrous and non-ferrous metals traded in China last month and in the first 11 months of the year are as follows:


Unit in US$    
CategoryNov ExportNov ImportYTD ExportYTD Import
Metalliferrous ores and metal scraps$135.2mn$18.4bn$1.7bn$169.8bn
Non-ferrous metals$2.3bn$6.5bn$21.3bn$59.8bn
Metal working machinery$879.6mn$714.9mn$7.8bn$7.9bn
Iron & Steel $3bn$3.8bn$29.9bn$33.5bn
Articles of iron & steel$7.1bn$843mn$63.3bn$8.5bn
Copper & articles thereof$575.6mn$4.5bn$5.6bn$43.9bn
Nickel & articles thereof$32.2mn$468.8mn$491.3mn$3.7bn
Aluminium & articles thereof$2.3bn$626.5mn$22bn$7.2bn
Lead & articles thereof$2.5mn$8.6mn$39.7mn$111.8mn
Zinc & articles thereof$20.4mn$244.1mn$219mn$1.7bn


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