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China’s manufacturing standards group has proposed the first draft of green standards for the domestic iron and steel industry. The draft includes recommendations for green manufacturing through green factory design, green fuel, green product subsystems, and green steel evaluation. The Green Manufacturing Standardization Leading Group drafted a proposal with 22 projects for green standardization, according to China Metallurgical News.


China Metal Society has taken the initiative for green standardization of the Chinese steel industry. China’s government has given directions to implement an ultra-low emission plan for the steel industry. China is one of the largest steel producers in the world. In 2019, China’s crude steel production reached 996.3mn mt, up by 8pc from a year ago. China Metal Society believes green production is the only way to achieve high-quality development and to reduce pollution.


Implementation of green standards will help evaluate the green production at management level and guide companies to carry out in-depth governance, energy conservations, and emission reduction in an orderly manner. Green standardization starts with green factory design and includes the adoption of green fuel and environmental protection technologies, development of green products and product subsystems, green production management and building low industrial emission green parks. The draft also plans to set up green evaluation, labelling and reporting services system.

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