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China’s Finance Ministry has increased export rebates to help China’s steel industry tide over the economic burden of COVID-19 pandemic. China increased rebates for 1,084 products. Exports of stainless steel bars, wires, thin welded pipes, boiler tubes and carbon steel products are eligible for 13pc rebate. 


Chinese producers can apply for a rebate or refund of the value-added tax (VAT) and consumption tax on products shipped to overseas markets. Chinese economy has been stressed as manufacturing and industrial activities could not resume to full potential after the Lunar New Year holidays in the last week of January. 


Here is a list of stainless steel products which are eligible for 13pc tax rebate.


HS CodesSpecifications
72201100Hot-rolled stainless steel strip thickness ≥ 4.75mm (without further processing, width < 600mm)
72201200Hot rolled stainless steel strip thickness < 4.75mm ( without further processing, width < 600mm )
72202020Thickness ≤ 0.35mm cold rolled stainless steel strip (without further processing, width < 600mm)
722020300.35mm cold-rolled stainless steel strip, thickness < 3mm (without further processing, width < 600mm)
72202040Cold-rolled stainless steel strip, thickness ≥ 3mm (without further processing, width < 600mm)
72209000Other stainless steel strips (after hot-rolled or cold-rolled, width < 600mm)
72221100Hot-worked stainless steel bars and rods with a circular cross-section 
72221900Hot-worked stainless steel bars and rods of other cross-sectional shapes (without further processing)
72222000Cold forming or cold worked stainless steel bars, rods (except for cold working the stainless steel strip without further lever )
72223000Other stainless steel bars and rods (without further processing except hot or cold processed)
72224000Stainless steel angle, profile and profile
72230000Stainless steel wire
73044110Cold rolled stainless steel seamless boiler tubes, including internal threads
73044990Other seamless tubes of stainless steel, not cold-rolled
73064000Stainless steel thin welded pipe with other circular cross-sections (fine welded pipe outer diameter not exceeding 406.4mm)
73141200Stainless steel machine endless belt
73141400Other woven fabrics of stainless steel
75051100Pure nickel bars, rods, profiles
75052100Pure nickel wire
75061000Pure nickel plate, sheet, strip, foil


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