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US energy drink maker Celsius Holdings says that it started importing aluminum beverage cans in late 2020 and now expects to import up to 50pc of its can stock in 2021. 


John Fieldly, chief executive officer of Celsius told the media that the shortage of cans in North America has impacted businesses in the energy drink, seltzer, and canned beer industry. While the company continued to grow, it saw increased input costs in wrapping cans and the price of procuring stock. 


Fieldly added that he does not see the shortage easing out until late 2021/ early 2022. Besides, freight costs and processing fees have also increased considerably, he noted. The company is now estimated to hold a 1.2pc stake in the global energy drink market. Celsius also works with packaging giant Anheuser-Busch-InBev for distributing its products across Europe. 

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