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Boliden’s mined zinc production fell by 1pc in 2020 to 286,133mt from 289,704mt in 2019 while its copper output increased by 5pc to 127,656mt last year from 121,076mt in 2019. Its mined nickel production also saw a 24 pc rise to 12,063mt in 2020 from 9,752mt in the prior year. However, its mined lead output fell by 2pc 54,098mt last year from 55,282mt in 2019. 


The company’s zinc smelter production increased by 1pc to 488,833mt in 2020 from 486,218mt in 2019 while copper saw a 16pc rise to 371,833mt last year from 321,714mt in 2019. Smelter lead production fell by 1pc to 74,370mt in 2020 from 75,327mt in the year prior while its nickel output declined by 3pc to 25,447mt last year from 26,287mt in 2019. 


Q4 2020


The Swedish miner’s Q4 2020 zinc production at the mine saw a 1pc decline to 71,896 mt from 72,851mt in Q4 2019. Boliden’s copper production at the mine in the fourth quarter of 2020 saw a significant 20pc rise to 33,745mt from 28,057mt in Q4 2019. The group’s mined nickel output rose by 62pc in Q4 2020 to 3,700mt from 2,282mt during the same quarter in 2019. Lead output at the mine in Q4 2020 saw a 1pc growth to 13,950mt from 13,818mt in Q4 2019. 



In Q4 2020, Boliden smelters’ zinc production increased by 4pc to 126,730mt from 122,322mt in Q4 2019. Copper output at the smelter saw a 6pc growth in the fourth quarter of 2020 to 91,787mt from 86,590mt during the same period in 2019. The miner’s lead smelter production fell by 1pc to 21,201mt in Q4 2020 from 21,437mt in Q4 2019. The smelter’s nickel production declined by 5pc to 6,733mt from 7,089mt in the same period. 


Boliden’s total revenue including precious metals and sulphuric acid rose to SEK56.3bn ($6.7bn) in 2020 from SEK49.9bn in 2019. In Q4 2020, revenue rose to SEK16.2bn in Q4 2020 from SEK12.9bn in Q4 2019.


The firm’s net profit in 2020 rose to SEK 6.8bn from SEK 5.7bn in 2019. Its net profit in the fourth quarter of 2020 stood at SEK 2.3bn, up from SEK 1.3bn in Q4 2019.


($1 = SEK8.3)

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