US aircraft manufacturer Boeing delivered 77 units in Q1 2020, up from 50 units in the same month last year. The company’s, March deliveries grew to 29 aircraft from 20 units a year ago.


According to media reports, the company received gross orders for 282 units in the first quarter, with a large part of it being for the 737 Max planes for Southwest Airlines and 777 Partners


In a media statement, Tim Myers, president of Boeing Capital Corporation, said investment levels for 2021 stand at around $59bn, down by 40pc from 2019. However, he stated that investors acknowledged the sector’s resilience and liquidity due to strong long-term fundamentals. 


According to the Boeing 2020 commercial outlook, the global fleet is expected to grow to around 48,400 units from 25,900 units as of today. 

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