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The current pressing economic conundrum is how to reduce inflation while avoiding a recession. What a choice. I don’t want inflation or a recession. The Federal Reserve is tightening money and raising interest rates while the economy slows, unemployment rises, and consumer spending goes down. This

Steel demand in Malaysia is expected to fluctuate throughout 2021 given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Malaysian steel producer Ann Joo. The steelmaker, however, forecasted a stronger market for exports in its earnings report for 2020. The company plans to continue focusing on exp

Mill Steel has purchased the commercial assets of Los-Angeles-based Prassas Metal Products (PMP) and will take over the steel processing and supply for PMP customers in the Mid-South, Southeastern, and the Western US. The company said in a statement on Tuesday that the acquisition provided it with t

Chinese carmaker Geely Auto Group has established a new company called Zeekr to meet the growing global electric vehicle (EV) demand. Zeekr will be based in China and will build new EV technology and solutions. The new company’s first vehicle is expected to be delivered in Q3 2021. Production

Polish miner KGHM’s copper production increased by 5.3pc to 119,700mt in January-February 2021, compared with 113,700mt in the same period last year. Sales during this period also increased by 1.2pc to 109,100mt from 107,700mt a year ago. In February, the company mined 58,000mt of copper, up by 5p

US East Coast and Houston dock collection prices for ferrous scrap trended down for the second successive week on softening exports and pricing, following gains made in February through early March. Dockside prices have declined by about $10/gt since Mar 16, based on dock location and prior price le

Brazilian flat steel distributors’ sales rose by 9.8pc to 312,300mt in February, from 284,600mt in the same month last year, Brazil’s National Institute of Steel Distributors (Inda) indicated in a statement on Mar 23. Total flat steel product purchases also climbed by 5.1pc to 321,900mt last