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Acindar, a divsion of the ArcelorMittal steel group, and Ternium Argentina are among the companies participating in an Argentinian price agreement for construction materials backed by the Ministry of Internal Trade. 


Under this agreement, the ministry has set reference prices for steel products among other essential construction materials. The program designed to address the sharp price increases and availability to consumers will remain in place from now until the end of 2021 with a program renewal assessment every two months. 


The agreement is part of the government’s attempt to alleviate inflationary prices for core raw materials used in construction such as cement, lime, and steel products. The items selected for the programs included an analysis of consumer demand. 


Paula Español , Secretary of Domestic Trade signed the agreement on Jun 17 with Acindar, Ternium, Loma Negra, Cementto Avellaneda and Petroquímica Comodoro among others. 


Español noted that fragmented distribution outlets were best addressed through this agreement with large companies that can guarantee distribution, monitor retail outlet reference prices, and operate nationally. 


The latest agreement complements an active program called Construction Care Pricing that is operating only at large chains in the country.

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