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Nevada-based recycler Aqua Metals has authorized a letter of intent (LOI) with ACME Metal to adopt AquaRefining methodology at its Keelung, Taiwan site. 


The LOI stipulates 60 days for final contract completion and covers licensing terms with implementation levels of Aqua Metals’ technology. Davis Index was informed that involved production volumes are unknown at this time but subject to the definitive agreement.


The letter also contains stipulations for the joint development of processing briquettes into oxide material for batteries with a global battery producer to be disclosed later.


ACME processes lead bullion into lead alloys for global battery use and adding AquaRefining will allow the company to produce briquettes for oxide production. The two parties want to combine to process AquaRefined briquettes into lead oxide using a ball mill. 


Aqua Metals turns briquettes into lead oxide through a melting pot system and by adding the ball mill grinding method, it can produce oxide using two sole industry-standard existing methods.


The relationship means ACME can expand transactions with sizable battery manufacturers and become the first Asian green tech lead recycler. 



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